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What People Say

7.6Vrej Vaughn Garabedian
Vrej Vaughn GarabedianReviewsout of 15 reviews
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Credible, Efficient, Dependable

Mr Garabedian has been my trusted attorney since 2013. I am a landlord and he has helped me immensely on a diverse range of issues that landlords face. Including evictions. He regularly consults me. He is experienced, a good communicator, and responds to phone calls and emails quickly.

– Athena


Beyond Expectations

Ok so this review took me a while to do because I have no words to convey the amount of happiness I have for what Vrej did for me. I am now a salon owner in Walnut Creek and Vrej played an integral part in making it happen easily and in a timely fashion. If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable lawyer who will advocate for your needs Vrej is the one for you!

– Glenn


Extremely satisfied

Mr. Garabedian represented me in a tenant-landlord law issue. He was referred to me by a trusted friend. The consultation I had was very informative, he was specific in his directions and what needed to be done. He kept me informed throughout the whole process and always looking for my best interests. He did an outstanding job.

– Edna


Extremely satisfied

Vrej was a pleasure to work with in all regards. Not only did he obtain our desired outcome with our landlord but was extremely knowledgeable, an excellent communicator, and always professional. I would recommend his services to all of my friends and family.

– Shannon Kong, MS, CCC


Extremely Intelligent and Successful Attorney

I am a property manager and I represent a number of Landlords who own multi-tenant commercial properties throughout the Bay Area. At least once a month I use Vrej’s services for any number of issues that arise. Vrej is always quick to address my requests and keeps a constant and detailed line of communication open for me at all times so I can keep my clients updated. Whether Vrej is reviewing documentation or if he is representing us in the courtroom, he is always persistent and successful. Vrej makes my job much easier.

– Lane


Great Attorney

I am a former client of Vrej Vaughn Garabedian. I would like to share how professional and responsive this attorney was in our Landlord Tenant dispute. He answered all our calls( or quickly called back) and communicated with the other side getting our issue resolved very quickly. I would strongly recommend to hire him as your attorney.

– Armen


Evictions have been successful

Vrej is great about getting back to you quickly. I have been successful on collecting rent from evictions in almost all cases. We have used him for several years and have had no problems. I also believe his rates are reasonable and fair. He is working on two cases for us now.

– Stephen

Why should you enroll in our courses?

  • Comprehensive and Specialized Knowledge: Our Commercial Lease Academy online course offers a comprehensive and specialized curriculum that covers all the essential aspects of Commercial Real Estate. You will learn valuable skills to help you recognize the appropriate lease type & structure, analyze a location for a potential future business site, conduct due diligence, and negotiate with the landlord to ensure maximum effectiveness and results whether you are looking to lease your own business location or help others do the same.  Whether you are a beginner or have some prior background, our course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your commercial leasing efforts.


  • Expert Instruction: Our course is taught by industry expert and commercial real estate attorney Vrej Garabedian who has extensive experience and expertise in the field. He brings real-world insights and practical knowledge to the table, ensuring that you receive high-quality instruction and guidance throughout the course. 


  • Flexibility and Convenience: By enrolling in our online course, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. You can access the course materials and lessons whenever it suits you, allowing you to balance your learning with other personal and professional commitments.


  • Engaging and Interactive Learning Environment: Our online course provides an engaging and interactive learning environment that goes beyond just reading textbooks or watching lectures. Through multimedia resources, case studies, quizzes, and interactive discussions, you will actively participate in the learning process, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


  • Practical Application and Real-World Examples: We believe in the practical application of knowledge. Our course emphasizes real-world examples and case studies to help you connect theoretical concepts with practical scenarios. By learning how to apply the knowledge gained, you will be better equipped to tackle real-life challenges in the real estate field.


  • Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in our online course will also provide you with networking opportunities with fellow learners and professionals in the field. Through discussion forums, group activities, and online coaching, you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other's specific situations, expand your professional network, and potentially collaborate on future projects.


  • Career Advancement and Opportunities: By completing our online course, you will gain a valuable credential that can enhance your career prospects and open up new opportunities in the commercial real estate field. Employers and clients often value individuals who have invested in their professional development and acquired specialized knowledge and skills.


  • Ongoing Support and Resources: We are committed to your success even after you complete the course. You will have access to ongoing support, additional resources, and updates in the field to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve and continue to grow in your expertise.



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